Reconstruction Services

Building and Reconstruction Services

Part of making your property whole is making sure that the best people in their respective industries are repairing your house.  Here are a few things Disaster Recovery Specialists will oversee:

Board/Tarp Up

Make sure that the area is protected from further damage from the elements.

Carpet Repair and Installation

Drying the area under carpet means that new carpet will need to be laid.

Document Drying

From documents to beloved family photos, if it can be saved, we will give you the best chance of recovery

Dry Cleaning

Mold can build on any moist surface, including your clothes or drapes. We will get them cleaned or replaced!

Drywall Installation

Water and fire damage usually require the removal of damaged drywall. Making sure that the walls are correct is a big part of recovery.

Drywall Removal

We will come in and test and demo any damaged drywall area. This is one of the first things that will need to be done.


No repair is complete without checking to make sure the electrical is correct and back to your standards. With this being a potential fire hazard, it is important

Electronics Restoration

From restoration to replacement, a home's electronics will be damaged when nature comes in. We have tools to help determine what needs replacement or repair.

Fine Art Restoration

The house becomes a home when you make it yours with the decor of your home. When dealing with a family portrait or with the art collector, we can protect from further damage and get your property to experts.

Furniture Restoration

Cleaning up the damage from an horrific event means that we will help restore more than just the foundation of the house. We will help get the furniture in the house back up to par as well.

General Contracting

With a list of the best general contractors in the state, DRS is able to get the best contractors to your property in a timely manor and the expertise that they rely on to complete their part of the job.

Hardwood Floor Repair

Hardwood are as vulnerable as they are beautiful, and when the elements are exposed this flooring, repairs are always needed. With the best flooring teams in Georgia, DRS is able to schedule them at the right time of the repairs.

HVAC Services

A system that is often missed! HVAC systems can be damaged during a disaster without much thought given to them, seeing as it is not visually evident. Our team will inspect had have your HVAC serviced if need be during the process.

Linoleum Floor Repair

Linoleum is one of the best floorings at trapping water underneath it can rotting out the sub flooring without giving many clues that it is doing so. We have the tools to determine if that water is there and get the repairs that are needed done!

Marble Floor Repair

Most people believe that their stone surfaces are going to be safe during the time water or fire hits, and for the most part, that is true. But a marble floor can hide structural damage that when found, will require the flooring to be removed.

Move Out

Who moves all the items that need repair or disposal get out of the property? We do! We will make sure that everything is moved out, trash is disposed of, and all items are replaced when we are done. Our job is to make you whole!

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